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Soo Im Lee creates bold, multilayered, intuitively derived paintings with imagery and detail that bring to mind complex three-dimensional spatial structures, intricately woven mesh, and lush forests of lines. These paintings in varying sizes and executed in oil on canvas, employ a variety of brushstroke-like forms in an array of vibrant colors. Through repetitive gestures and markings, Lee builds a web of accumulated lines and overlays that activates the surface. Lee’s works on paper are rendered in delicate yet bold layers of red, blue and green. The movement of her brush strokes compliment the tonal shifts in color, creating a lively interplay of superimposed layers.

Soo Im Lee lives and works in New York City. Born in Seoul, Korea in 1954, Lee studied painting at the progressive Hong-Ik University in the 1970s at height of minimalist, monochromatic painting’s presence. Lee came to the United States in 1981 to concentrate on printmaking studies and received her M.A. in Printmaking from New York University. Also recognized for her short story writings, Lee has been a long-time popular columnist for a major Korean language newspaper in the United States. Recent exhibitions include: Soo Im Lee: Across Time and Place, Art Projects International (2017); Marking 2, Art Projects International, NY (2016); Open (C)ALL: Up for Debate, BRIC, NY (2016); Coloring Time, Korean Cultural Service NY (2013); Intersecting Lines, Art Projects International, NY (2012); 911 Arts: A Decade Later, Commons Gallery, New York University (2011), Absence, Queens Museum of Art: Partnership Gallery, NY (2010); and Irrelevant, Arario Gallery, NY (2010).

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