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The Huffington PostSeptember 8, 2010

Top Summer Shows You Can Still Catch, North and South - IL Lee


This week we jump from the north to the south in the western states outside of California to pinpoint the top shows that will carry over from the summer season. With Labor Day past, this coming weekend opens the new season with a plethora of new shows….

The Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas, Texas
The juxtaposition of ballpoint-pen-on-paper drawings of Il Lee and an exhibit exploring “The Thousand Faces of Vishnu: is highly evocative of how art — and the universe — work. One is a form of religious wisdom that forces us to contemplate the manner in which the Divine can never be contained. The other shows us the myriad ways in which a universal “energy” is captured and delivered to us over and over again in shifting panoramas. It, too, will resist solidity and will constantly spill into new shapes. Vishnu is ancient; Il Lee, is contemporary. But the underpinnings of both remind us that the world is, indeed, elegant and it continually morphs for our delectation.

– Patricia Mora

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