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Living Art MagazineAugust 1, 2007

The Mountain’s Hold


The mountainous physicality of Japan, Korea and China provides some level of explanation. Living and breathing amongst such magnificent features would make it hard to rid the psyche of mountains, as a recent New York exhibition bore testament. The Mountain, curated by Art Projects International, brought together four Korean artists: Myong Hi Kim: Tchah-Sup Kim; Choong Sup Lim; and Il Lee. All four live in New York but their work is still strongly influenced by their culture and mother country. It is, however, the relevance of nature and the landscape to the belief systems of these countries that offers a greater understanding.

The common denominator is that nature is sacred, and within nature certain elements are given particular reverence: the moon, cherry blossom, snow, water and mountains…

– Kate Learmouth

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