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ARTnewsApril 3, 2005

“Painters to Watch: Collage Education – Gwenn Thomas” by Deidre Stein Greben

Painters to Watch: Collage Education
Digital technology helps Gwenn Thomas mine the history of modernism


This artwork, which is called Flag (1993), as well as Thomas’s subsequent works, is a clever confluence of painting’s diametric modes: abstraction and realism. The shadows in the scans or photos produce trompe l’oeil effects that make viewers consider what it is they are looking at–the final painting, the photograph, and the collage. A fuzzy snippet or orange felt or a ruffled piece of torn paper can appear at once flat and multidimensional, creating a “depth of field,” as Thomas puts it, “that is precisely described and denied.”

– Deidre Stein Greben

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