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Tribeca CitizenJanuary 31, 2012

New Kid on the Block: Art Projects International


Art Projects International was founded in Soho 1993 by Jung Lee Sanders, who has lived in Tribeca since 1996. She was born in Seoul, but also spent some of formative years in Hong Kong and the U.K… “We were one of the first platforms for artists from Asia,” she says. Over the years, API broadened its scope, representing artists from all over…

The current show, up through February 25, is “Borrowed Landscape” by Myong Hi Kim—it’s her first solo show in the U.S. She spends half the year in Soho and the other half in South Korea, living in an old schoolhouse in a very remote area. The works are all oil pastels on chalkboards; the dark areas have no pigment on them.

– Erik Torkells

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