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Gana Art (Seoul)July 2, 1995

Myong Hi Kim’s Imaginary Realism and Deja-vu Vision


Kim’s 1995 exhibition drew attention particularly for its chalkboard paintings. This new type of painting grew out of the sketches that she did on the chalkboards in a disused closed primary school with oil pastel. This ‘readymade’ canvas, in all probability, must have caught the eyes of the artist who is always sensitive to her surroundings and has a sharp insight into them. However, the meaning of the chalkboard expands beyond that of just a canvas. Discarded chalkboards serve as a metaphor for loss and nostalgia, and Kim emerges from the sense of loss by juxtaposing this one aspect of the neglected history with her memory. This is shown in the most symbolic and condensed form in The School Excursion that I Missed.

– Hong-Hee Kim

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