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D MagazineJune 7, 2010

“Il Lee’s Large Ballpoint Pen Drawings Harness a Powerful Quiet” by Lucia Simek


Calm and frenzy lay down together in the remarkable little show of big work New Vision: Ballpoint Drawings by Il Lee at the Crow Collection through September 26. Lee makes huge abstract drawings by scribbling with a ballpoint pen until paper or canvas is coated with shiny blue-purple or black ink. Hyperactive scribbles fade to a stolid calm of opacity in all of the large works here, creating amorphous shapes that seem to move, or grow, more suitably, from out of some void off the page. These drawings create the kind of claustrophobia that comes when considering infinite space: a gasp-worthy, confounding feeling of being consumed by an empty frontier…..

It’s rare to encounter work that has harnessed so much power, through such effort, so quietly.

– Lucia Simek

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