Art Projects International

Art In CultureApril 2, 2006

“IL LEE: Beyond the Minimal” by Lilly Wei


Essay by Lilly Wei for the catalogue Paris/New York: IL LEE.
Reprinted in Art In Culture, April 2006.



…Il Lee’s work also radiates a certain spirituality filtered through minimalist non-objectivity. In the pulse of its forms, it’s, chi perhaps, it seems to breathe with the breath it took to make it while the endless markings, both visible and scribbled over, trace and reflect the time that went into its creation. Objects formeditative contemplation as well as analytical discourse, Il Lee’s subtle and subtly enriched paintings or writings are exemplary and prophetic balance of cultures, a merging which greatly extends his field of operation and one that is more and more the normal for a globalized world.

– Lilly Wei