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The SiloSeptember 24, 2015

“Gwenn Thomas” by Raphael Rubinstein

A wonderful essay by Raphael Rubinstein about Gwenn Thomas’ seminal, black and white, photo emulsion works on linen from the 1990s.


With unforgivable belatedness, I’ve only recently discovered the work that Gwenn Thomas was doing in the mid-1990s, a hybrid of painting and photography that resulted in canvases (or, more accurately, linens) that were extremely innovative when they were made and surprisingly timely today. I’m equally impressed by Thomas’s more recent work, but here I want to concentrate exclusively on her 1990s works….

At a moment when unpainted paintings seem to be everywhere (to say nothing of abstract photography), Thomas’s work looks incredibly prophetic. Decades before Wade Guyton, Mark Flood and a host of others discovered the artistic potential of the ink-jet printer, Thomas was making hands-off paintings of conceptual rigor and unassuming beauty.

– Raphael Rubinstein

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