Art Projects International

NY Arts MagazineJune 1, 2002

“Gwenn Thomas” by Eduardo Costa


The Iris or Pigment prints invite the viewer to travel through a time tunnel of recent technologies. At the end of the tunnel, were light can be expected, Thomas’s drawing or collage appear, imbued with the meaning and mystery of the artist’s emotional self. Less than an instant is needed to get from the print to the drawing or collage, since it all happens in the same surface, but in terms of process perceived, the viewer navigates the long path from one technology to the previous, from a medium that glorified personal hand work to a medium that tells a story by the work of transistors and chips.

At Art Projects International two drawings or exhibit (India ink and marker on paper) come from the artist’s studio to claim their place in the gallery. Having fought successfully the artist’s idea that they would be made exclusively to be devoured by her own camera, they propitiate a moment of learning: they allow the viewer to see what Thomas can do with each one of the media she examines in the profound presentation.

– Eduardo Costa

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