Art Projects International

Flash ArtMarch 1, 1995

Flash Asia: International Asian Art Brief

Art Projects International, which aims to facilitate international dialogue between Western and Eastern artists and audiences, exhibited New York artist Li-Lan in the show “Postmarks: Recent Paintings and Pastels” (27 November – 1 December), and exhibited the work of New York artists Yeong Gill Kim and David Brody in the show entitled “Monochromatic Vision” (5 January – 8 February), which aimed to illustrate the different ways the artists have referenced Asian ink painting in their work. According to the gallery director Jung Lee Sanders, “Kim was born in Korea and studied there as well as in the West, and his references to Korean ink painting are a way to acknowledge his cultural heritage… on the other hand, Brody, born in New York City, looks to 17th Century Chinese ink paintings of Kung Hsien as an example of a way to battle ‘the contending ghosts’ of figuration and abstraction and to examine Western concerns, such as ‘the brutal, the earthy, the ugly’ in the light of a non Western model”…

– Amy Schrier