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Hamptons Art HubFebruary 6, 2018

“ART REVIEW: Emotive Landscape Helps Gallery Celebrate 25 Years” by Sally Grant


Hanging directly across from these works, Il Lee’s BL-087 (2006) brings together both their monochrome/blue coloring and movement/stillness in a single transfixing image. Lee applies sweeping lines of blue ink on the canvas with, confoundingly, a ballpoint pen. The multiplicity of fine lines builds up to create a vast section that is densely colored and which—with a clear, curving demarcation between the blue ink and the horizon of the canvas—calls to mind a mountaintop.

In the lower section of the canvas, dancing lines of ink escape this mountain of pigment’s apparent solidity of form, as if to assert the artist’s hand in this view of “nature.” Recalling the gestural brushstrokes of the Abstract Expressionists, Lee’s energetic application of ballpoint ink captures the absorbing, physical act of the artist. And, like da Silva’s wool drawing, which is based on traditional Portuguese weaving practice, BL-087 astounds both as an evocation of landscape and by the precision of technique required for its construction.

There are two other equally impressive Il Lee compositions in the gallery’s third exhibition space…

– Sally Grant

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