Art Projects International

Art AsiaPacificJune 1, 2004

Art Projects International: Ten Years

Art Projects International (API) commemorates ten years of dedication to contemporary art with their anniversary release of Art Projects International: Ten Years, a timeline formatted book highlighting gallery works and events from 1993-2003.

Readers are invited to gain informative insight to the world of contemporary Asian art through various critiques, including those by Art AsiaPacific’s Jonathan Goodman and Xenia Tetmajer von Przerwa, as well as other important figures in the field including Margaret Sheffield and the late Alice Yang among others.

Artists depicted throughout this book include contemporary Parisian painter In-Hyung Kim, whose 2003 exhibition, “Undergrowth,” continued her passion motif by way of vegetative images, and Korean-born artist Il Lee, who engages the black and white dichotomy at a New York City exhibition displaying his ballpoint pen drawings entitled Line and Form: Drawings 1984-1996.

These artists are two out of countless others with unique, Asia-inspired artwork that API has presented throughout the past ten years. More recently, the incorporation has taken a seat at the forefront of contemporary Asian art offering a look at new and compelling artists who originate from numerous facets around the world.

The book’s retrospective look also illustrates and addresses concerns with the propensity of characterizations and assumptions all to often attributed to Asian art. Indeed, many of the works included in the book are created and influenced by multiple sociopolitical and cultural contexts.

According to Chinese sculptor Jian-Jun Zhang: “Art becomes a dialogue between cultures; it interacts with nature, with spirit, and with politics.” Perhaps an equally apt remark in regard to API’s effort to emphasize diversity on a global scale over the past decade.

– Jessica Lee Crust