Art Projects International

Mariano Ferrante – Site-Specific Commission at Sala de Camara, Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires, opens February 7, 2020


Art Projects International is pleased to announce that the recently created site-specific work by Mariano Ferrante entitled Polyphony of Four Colors, commissioned by the City of Buenos Aires, opens to the public on February 7, 2020.

Prominently situated on the entire exterior wall of the Sala de Camara, Usina del Arte, one of the main cultural centers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the installation measures 240 square meters. This vibrantly-colored mural features layered geometric diamond patterns, created from the juxtaposition of four different colors, similarly found in artist’s “Monochrome” paintings. The resulting compositions of red, blue, yellow and light blue patterns create a captivating and dynamic three-dimensional illusion effect and actively engages viewers in the space.

Mariano Ferrante, Polyphony of Four Colors