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Gwenn Thomas reviewed in Artforum – Critics’ Pick

Gwenn Thomas: Standard Candles at Exile, Berlin, is reviewed by Mitch Speed in Artforum (January 2018).

To walk the city after sundown is to experience vicarious warmth; glowing windows signify—rightly or not—warm interiors, full tables, and hospitable families. Threading a line between sentimentality and analytic detachment, Gwenn Thomas’s exhibition reckons with the window’s status as an interchange of conviviality and loneliness, fantasy and veiled reality. On the walls of this two-room gallery, she has hung eleven simulated panes, made from wood and metal frames, over photographs of exterior windows and translucent plastic laminate or Plexiglas.

– Mitch Speed

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Gwenn Thomas, Moments of Place III (2013–14)

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