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Gwenn Thomas featured in The Art of Seeing

The Art of Seeing, Seventh Edition, 2008
By Paul Zelanski and Mary Pat Fisher
Published by Pearson Prentice Hall

The newly released edition of The Art of Seeing, a widely used textbook, includes a discussion of Gwenn Thomas’s work in the chapter Digital Art and features Gwenn Thomas’s triptych AB:47/Untitled.


However, as the fast-changing world of digital art evolves, artists are taking it into realms that transcend anything previously conceived through traditional painting methods. Images can be projected onto nontraditional “surfaces,” such as a fog screen that allows viewers to walk through the image. And once images are scanned into computer memory, they can be overlaid and combined and altered in endless ways. Gwenn Thomas first makes collages by assembling cloth scraps, strips of paper or tape, and bits of old paintings, and then digitizes them via scanning or digital photographs. Then she prints the digitalized collages in a larger format on canvas, unifying their diverse surfaces but retaining some impression of the shadows and textures from the original collages, as in her triptych AB:47/Untitled.

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