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Filipe Rocha da Silva Solo Exhibition at MUTE, Lisbon, Portugal, April 21 – May 21, 2016

Filipe Rocha da Silva: BI
April 21 – May 21, 2016

A “painting installation” featuring a monumental newly-created painting (6′ 11″ x 24′ 5″) along with a series of drawings will be presented.

Lisbon, Portugal

Excerpt from the MUTE Press Release:
For the first time in our gallery we won’t be presenting an exhibition but a “painting installation”, as Filipe Rocha da Silva refers to it. This expression implies a certain informality on the way the main work is presented to the public but it also emphasizes the fact that this finished work is in transit to another location. Curatorial conventions would demand a much greater distance to exhibit a canvas this big, however the architectural characteristics of the venue where it is shown transform our perception by forcing the observer to be much closer to the work and for that reason one has practically an immersive experience that is typical of installation art. It is also worth mentioning the inevitable dialogue between the architectural elements, such as the white columns in the middle of the space that will partially block the work from many points of view.

Complementing this main work we will also have a series of drawings that will hopefully help contextualize the 7 meter canvas and a text by José Manuel Martins which will open multiple perspectives and lines of thought directly connected to it.

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