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Paddy Hamilton: Global Skin Tones

Paddy Hamiliton, Look After the Bones, oil on canvas

Paddy Hamilton is an international artist to whom it is difficult to ascribe a particular country of origin or influence. He reveals both his proficiency as a painter and his culturally disparate roots and interests (raised in Africa by Irish parents and then moved to Ireland before settling in London) in his Global Skin Tones paintings. He uses a series of manufactured hues — for the painting of any race’s skin color — to create unpredictably elegant works with highly resolved color schemes. These paintings vary widely in scale, straddle abstraction and figuration, and comment on the difficulty of creating a harmonic balance amidst diversity. Because Mr. Hamilton’s work is often conceptual in origin it allows him to move freely between modes of working, styles, and media without conflict: in the midst of a primarily abstract work rests a small house; monochrome panels are part of the same series as a cut-out paper chain; and this Global Skin Tones series coexists with Mr. Hamilton’s installations, multi-artist performances, and children’s books.

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