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Gwenn Thomas: Recent Work

Installation view of Gwenn Thomas: Recent Work at Art Projects International, New York, 1996.

Gwenn Thomas’ recent work examines how photography shapes our contemporary perception of painting. Thomas’ works begin with construction/collages of paper strips, corrugated plastic board, and packing tape which are then photographed and printed on photo-sensitive linen and stretched as “canvases.” Going back to very simple means — isolating grays and blacks, shadows and light, and textures and tones — and to the very beginnings of photography, Thomas’ work demonstrates how photography changes the way we look at things. The results are a play of pattern and space with a depth of field that is precisely described and denied. Like Man Ray and Moholy-Nagy, Thomas’ work is a challenge to “straight” photography and at the same time an homage to abstract painters — including Mondrian, Charmion van Wiegand and Sonia Delaunay.

This showing of Gwenn Thomas’s work was reviewed in The Village Voice, March 26, 1996.

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